The main goal of our token is to provide the possibility to freely trade and exchange tokens between users, place tokens in "Cube", participate in competition, airdrops and pay for listings.

Orom Token is listed on


Top 30 Exchange on CMC

The Most Optimized-Trading-Fee Crypto Exchange in the World


Top 20 Exchange on CMC

New exchanges will be adding soon 
Stay tuned for the news




Trust Wallet

Send and receive your Orom Tokens on Trust Wallet

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Trust Wallet is now the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance.
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Search for "Orom Token"

Once you have downloaded Trust wallet, search for "Orom Token". 
Now you can send and receive your tokens.

3 BTC Airdrop


Hold at least 1000 OROM Tokens

You can get OROM tokens here https://www.vindax.com/exchange-advanced.html?symbol=OROM_BTC


Download “Trust Wallet

Or another ERC-20 wallet (Metamask, MyEtherWallet,etc).
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Send your Orom Tokens

Transfer your Orom Tokens from Vindax Exchange to your Trust Wallet.


Register your wallet HERE!

The final step for participating on the 3 BTC Airdrop. You must register your wallet where you hold your Orom Tokens and your BTC wallet address. You will receive an email confirmation.


3 BTC Airdrop

3 BTC will be airdropped between all OROM holders who have register for the airdrop.
Each 1000 OROM will generate one entry on the airdrop.
For example: If you get 3000 OROM, you will get 3 entries for the airdrop. When the prices hits 1000 sats (1 OROM = 0.00001000 BTC) the airdrop will take place between all users who have register. If there are 300 entries, that means 3 BTC/300 = 0.01 BTC, you will receive 0.01 BTC equals to 100 USD in BTC!
Expires on: September 30th, 2019. Read the terms and conditions

Register to participate on the
3 BTC Airdrop

The 3 BTC Airdrop will take place when the price of Orom Token hits 1000 sats (1 OROM = 0.00001000 BTC) 
Hurry up, price is just around the corner!

You will receive an email confirmation

We will check your Orom Balance and proceed with the confirmation.
For any question please contact us at info@orom.io  

Terms and Conditions

- Only can participate wallets who have received OROM tokens from Vindax Exchange;

- When the price of OROM hits 1000 Satoshis (1 OROM = 0.00001000 BTC) you must be holding your OROM Tokens in your registered wallet in order to receive the BTC Airdrop;

- Each 1000 OROM will generate one entry on the airdrop. 1200 Orom, 1350 Orom, 1900 Orom all these amounts will generate one entry. Wallets holding 2000 Orom, 2350 Orom, 2900 Orom will generate two entries. Wallets holding 3000 Orom, 3350 Orom, 3900 Orom will generate 3 entries and so ahead.

- Expires on: September 30th, 2019

Orom Token
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Orom Token
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Exclusive advantages of Having Orom Tokens

Token holders can participate in our BTC Airdrop
Token holders can participate in our OROM Airdrop
You can set your Cube in OROM tokens
Active participation in projects for OROM holders
Listing fee in Bitcoin and Orom. 10% discount with Orom Tokens 
Reduction of commission for transactions 
The right to vote in order to add tokens
A possibility of receiving bonuses for memberships
The right to participate in voting for the structural changes 
For holders of a large amount , exclusive invitations to events 
Larger commissions in the affiliate program
Priority for testing new products

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