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Current Cube:
Bitcoin (BTC)

Actual price: 3953.17 USDT

Balance: 3.174952 BTC

Cube cost: 0.005037 BTC (appr. 20 usdt)

Maximum Cube: 1 per verified account

Cube in 24 hours:
Bitcoin (BTC) in 24:00:00 hr

This Cube will close on: 18:00:00 hr

0.005037 BTC will be deducted from your balance

You can place your Cube only one time

Cube position:
Your Cube is:

You have placed your Cube!

Cube result:
Your position:
Your reward:
3.1481 BTC 

Reward Distribution

Cube History

Position % of the Pool Orom User
1st 50 % s****@*********.com
2nd 15 % r****@*********.net
3rd 10 % t****@*********.com
4th - 9th 2.5 % 6 users
10th - 19th 1 % 10 users
Date Coin Cost Amount Users Total Pool
19/03/19 XLM 281.43 1365 384,151.95 XLM
16/03/19 TRX 830.59 1483 1,231,764.97 TRX
13/03/19 LTC 0.49527 1148 568.56 LTC
10/03/19 ETH 0.21923 1627 356.68 ETH
07/03/19 ADA 321.47 1259 404,730.73 ADA

How works The Cube?

Current Cube

Current Cube: cryptocurrency that is currently in "Cube". 
Actual price: current price of the cryptocurrency. 
Balance: show your balance in the cryptocurrency. 
Cube cost: this is the cost to place your Cube.
Maximum Cube: the maximum Cube that you can place for each verified account.

Cube in 24 hr

Test your trading skills!
Watch the chart of the coin that's on "Cube", do your analysis, and set the price of the coin in 24 hours! 

From the opening you have 18 hours to set your Cube price. Six hours before the Cube ends, the system won't accept any new income anymore.
All cubes are in USDT.

- Current Cube is Bitcoin (BTC). 
- You set your Cube with a value of 3950 USDT. You are assuming that when the Cube ends, the price of the BTC will be 3950 USDT. 
- When the Cube ends (counter in 00:00:00) , the system will take the exact price of BTC in USDT and that would be the "Cube Result". 
- The 20 closest positions to the Cube Result will be the winners. Inside a winner position can be more than one user, this is because someone can put the same Cube value.

Let's put a practical case.
Your Cube is 3950 USDT and when it ends, the Cube result is 3955 USDT. 
After a couple of minutes our system inform that your Cube is the closest to the "Cube result", that means that you are in the first position. 
According to the reward distribution, you won 50% of the entire pool. 
If the Cube's cost was 0.005037 BTC and we had 1250 users who have participated, that gives a total of 6.29625 BTC for the entire pool, and the 50% is 3.14812 BTC, that means that you have won 3.14 BTC!

Cube position

Your cube is: shows your Cube value. You are assuming that when the Cube ends, that would be the price of the coin. 
Cube result: when the Cube ends (counter in 00:00:00), the system will take the exact price of the coin and will be reflected here. 
Your position: it shows how closes you were from the "Cube result" 
Your reward: if you are between the 1st and 20th position, you won a certain percent of the entire pool.

Read before participate. DEMO VERSION

1- You can place between 1 and 3 cubes per verified account. There are limited amounts of Cube.
2- Users of the following countries cannot participate: Republic of China, Hong Kong China, Macau China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, USA [including all USA territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, and the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas)], Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan. 
3- If another user establishes the same Cube as you, and you are in one of the winning positions, both users will split the prize. 
For example: the second position receives 15% of the entire pool, and there are two users with the same Cube that are in the second position, that means that the 15% will be split it into 7.5% and 7.5% per user. 
4- Rewards will be issued within 12 hours after the Cube ends. 
5- You can participate in many Cubes as you want. 
6- Cubes will be taking place between 3 and 5 days. The frequency will be established by Orom Team.
7- Orom reserves the right to cancel or amend the Cube or rules at our sole discretion.