Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Orom is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders. It is optimized for high-throughput, uptime 99,9%, deep liquidity pool, low latency, high scalability and advanced multi-tiered security. 

Easy to Use 
Registration takes less than 1 minute. 
You can operate with limit, market, stop Limit, fill, hidden orders and many more options. Also, there is the API so you can set up your account within other platforms. 

Safe and Secure
We use high-level SSL encryption transmission protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of user information. 
For a secure storage of funds, we have cold, hot and warms wallets, this increases security since the largest amount of funds is stored in wallets that aren't connect it to the internet. 

We support multi-terminal operation and seamless integration between desktop and mobile.