Cryptocurrency Exchange optimized for high-throughput, uptime 99,9%, deep liquidity pool, low latency, high scalability and advanced multi-tiered security. 

The Whitepaper 

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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Trading Competition

Weekly competitions, higher volume trading competitions where the 60-70 top traders will be rewarded.
Rewards for holding the coin. 

The Cube

Test your trading skills and win! Developed exclusively by Orom. The first Exchange in the world in implement "The Cube".

Multi-tiered Security

Cold, hot and warms wallets for a secure storage of funds, end-to-end encryption to all user-server interaction, DDoS protection, two factor authenticator.

Main Cryptocurrencies

This is our default coin list.


Bitcoin, Ripple, Cardano, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Dash, Bitcoin Cash SV, TRON, NEO, Litecoin, IOTA, Monero and many more.

Platform features

Facts that makes Orom Exchange leading!


High Liquidity

Aggregated liquidity of 8 exchanges. Our high performance software is designed to work with a huge amount of orders at the same time, instant order execution, access to a high liquidity orderbook.


Advanced Security

All connections are secured by SSL certificates, 2-factor authenticator, protection against DDoS attacks. Cold, hot and warm wallets to ensure the funds.


Order types

You can operate with limit, market, stop Limit, fill, hidden orders and many more options. Also, there is the API so you can set up your account within other platforms.


Professional Charts

Our exchange is empowered with many trading tools, all professional and beginners traders can experience our in-house charting adding as many indicators you need it.


Low fees

0% of fees for deposits, minimum fees in trading operations, and low withdrawal fees. It's a great environment for high frequency trading.



The Orom APIs are development to allow access to all the features of Orom Exchange platform. The main goal is to allow users to potentially recreate the entire platform on their own.


Orom App

Open/close orders and positions, take profit on the go, transfer your funds, check your last transactions, receive notifications on trade executions and price alerts, customize your preferences.


Support 24/7

We have a highly qualified team to answer your issues, queries and suggestions. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Access our platform in DEMO version, watch the Exchange interface, default cryptocurrencies list, competition section, platform features, sign up, login, balance, deposits, withdrawals, trade history, open orders, user profile and more.




Our team has an advanced analysis of projects in order to avoid any scam-related activities, this way you can trade solid and stable coins.


Support team will attend your issues as soon as possible. Forget days of waiting, you get instant response.


The more you traded, the more you win, no matter if you win or lose, for the simple fact of trading, you will be rewarded with coins.


The top 60-70 traders in volume will share a pool of a specific coins. Hold a specific coin and get rewards as well.

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Signing up process takes less than 1 minute. Create your account with your e-mail and password.

Transfer your cryptocurrencies and start trading.
You can also deposit Tether USDT.

Make your first trade. You can trade a huge amount of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Cardano and many more.

General FAQ

The Orom Official launch will be soon. Testnet beta-version will be running a couple of weeks before the launch, and our developers will be testing the entire platform.

Our team of developers are frond-end and back-end engineers who have previously developed projects on the blockchain, such as creation of tokens with own blockchain, solidity programming, advanced programming in OCaml, C, C++, front-end designers, traders of traditional markets and cryptocurrencies. Our HQ is located in London.

Yes, users of the United States of America, as well as some others countries, are prohibited from accessing, registering, and opening any operation within our platform. More information you can read on our Terms of Services.

Yes, this feature will be available in a couple of months after the official launch.

For the official launch of Orom Exchange, only our official representatives are able to list projects.

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